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Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning

Securing high quality janitorial service for a reasonable fee is a challenge, especially in today’s highly competitive business climate where your time and money are major investments. Simplify your task and reduce the frustration by hiring a thorough company that can accommodate all of your janitorial and commercial cleaning needs.

We aim to make sure your business look its best. Don't worry, we care for your business as if it was our home office. We will follow your custom janitorial cleaning checklist to insure your office or business location is done right.

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Our Commercial Janitorial Cleaning services may include, but are not limited to:

   Emptying waste receptacles, replacing liners and hauling waste into dumpsters

   Cleaning window sills, blinds, and desks

   Vacuum all carpets and rugs

   Cleaning break rooms and disinfecting sinks

   Restock break-rooms with paper products

   Dusting and cobweb removal

   Damp-mop and moping of all hard floors

   Removing fingerprints and marks from around light switches and door frames

   Cleaning automatic glass doors and elevators inside and out

   Cleaning and polishing all internal glass, mirrors, shelves, etc

   Ensure all areas are clean & arranged neatly

A clean and sanitized washroom is a must in any working environment to ensure safety and reduce the risk of spreading germs. Same thing goes for a kitchen or break room where employees eat. It is imperative that this space be clean and sanitary even if no food preparation is done there.

   Dust partitions, tops of mirrors and frames

   Moping restroom and break room floors with disinfectant

   Replenishing toilet tissue, hand towels, and hand soap

   Disinfecting door knobs/handles

   Cleaning and disinfecting all sinks, toilets and urinals

   Wiping hand towel dispensers/hand dryers

If your current cleaning company isn't performing like they should contact us.