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"It's Not Just Clean, It's Immaculate!"

Office Cleaning

High Quality office cleaning services www.teesimmaculateservices.com

Let us customize a quality office cleaning program specifically to your company’s needs!


Our affordable quality office cleaning services are customized to any size business (small or large), and we are available days and evenings including weekends.


Whatever the size, style or age of your offices, we provide an outstanding service which reflects our own high standards. Above all, constant regular communication and scheduled inspection of all our contracts ensures the closest attention to detail, which means total customer satisfaction.


Get the competitive edge on your side with a knowledgeable and thorough company that can accommodate all your office cleaning needs.


Tee's Immaculate Janitorial & Cleaning Services Benefits and Advantages:


    Detailed Office Cleaning Services including Disinfecting Restrooms and Professional Floor Care
    Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or Annual Cleanings
    Available 7 days a week, in the Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night for your Office Cleaning Needs



General Cleaning

    Empty Wastebaskets

    Clean Baseboards

    Tidy-up Waiting Area(s)

    Dusting (including window sills, picture frames, artwork, shelving, blinds, & etc.)

    Disinfect Telephones, Keyboards, Doorknobs, Handles, Light Switches

    Wipe Computer & TV Screens

    Clean Interior Windows and Window Sills

    Remove Cobwebs

    Clean and Disinfect Toilets and Urinals

    Spot Wipe Hand Prints and Soils from Doors and Door Handles

    Clean Desk & Countertops with a multi-purpose cleaner


Floor Maintenance


    Sweep or Dust-Mop all Hard Surface Floors

    Vacuum all Carpeted Floors

    Mop all Hard Surface Floors

    Vacuum Area Rugs and Entry/Elevator Mats

    Restroom Cleaning

    Refill Dispensers (Soap, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Etc.)

    Clean Mirrors

    Clean and Disinfect all Sinks and Fixtures

    Clean and Disinfect all Toilets and Urinals

    Sweep and Wet-Mop Floors


Kitchen/Break Room Cleaning

    Clean and Disinfect Sink and Fixtures

    Damp-Wipe Exterior of Appliances

    Damp-Wipe Tops of Tables and Chairs

    Sweep and Wet-Mop Floors

    Polish All Bright Work and Stainless Steel

    Spot Clean Exterior of Appliances


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